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FIFAAIR offers 24/7 international flight planning services for all aircraft types, using sophisticated in-house cross-country flight planning technology, to calculate the best, most cost-effective flight path for airlines and private jet operators.
Safety is obviously a key consideration in producing a flight plan. Vital factors taken into account include aircraft performances, weather forecasts, airspace restrictions, compliance with air traffic control, load and fuel requirements. 
Fuel requirement calculations take into consideration weather forecasts, routes, and flight levels, as well as technical constraints and fuel consumption rates. For cross-country flight planning, it is also important to consider the time difference between the departure location and the destination.
Details of the ground handling services at the destination airport must also be known. If a long-distance flight in a two-engine aircraft is planned across areas with no airports, such as deserts or oceans, additional safety rules apply. When multiple routes are possible, which is usually the case Fifa Air’s flight planning system is able to reduce the options so that a detailed analysis is conducted for a manageable number and time is not wasted. 
They also operate a flight following service enabling pilots to be advised of any changes in conditions. The company’s international flight planner staff file, refile or cancel flight planning as required. It prides itself on the quality of its international flight planner services.


With FIFAAIR we have a training plan with a directory of trainers skilled in equipment training, soft skills, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), our work is to organize training schedules for all staff members worldwide including engineers, dispatchers, crew, and pilots, and provide your company the essentials to achieve successful training plan.

fifa air OPERATION 24/7


Our flight operation Travel Team is available 24 hours to ensure we are constantly there to take care of all your travel and ground logistics needs. Whether it’s a last-minute trip or a stopover. 
Remote locations: Wherever you are, or wherever you are going we are able to guarantee a perfectly arranged and secure stay to fit your needs. We can book you in top-rated global hotels in no time, regardless of your location and where your next destination will be. We have agents everywhere.
Flexibility: We know that trip schedules change quickly, and we are set to be 100% flexible with any revisions or cancellations that may happen in the middle of planning your trip or even during touchdown so don’t worry we have the solutions to all normal and abnormal situations.


Airport analysis & information are important for operators seeking to expand their services. FIFAAIR can provide detailed information such as traffic fluctuations at each airport, the airlines that currently serve them, capacity cuts due to external factors, the length of the runway fire category as well as forecasts of potential growth.

FIFAAIR global can carry out data-driven analyses based on practical considerations such as route distances, aircraft movement, and fuel consumption.
Operational needs and revenues relating to passengers, cargo aircraft, flight classes, and airports are some of the factors it takes into account when providing consultant aviation services.



Abnormal situations may develop as a result of one or more factors within or outside an aircraft it can be delay diversion or (AOG) aircraft on the ground.

we can handle these situations by providing operations staff and solve all problems facing our clients so don’t worry we guarantee you safety and comfort.


On-time performance is the single largest performance metric in the airline industry. Achieving good on-time performance can reduce the costs of operating an airline by consistent delivery of the daily flight schedule.

We were engaged to identify and implement cost reduction ideas across the business. The work concentrated on operations and focused mostly on fuel efficiency to achieve OTP you have to do weekly meetings and daily reports.

fifa air on time performance
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