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In aviation, the term “ground handling services” refers to the wide range of services provided to facilitate an aircraft flight or aircraft ground handling repositioning, flight permits, preparation for and upon conclusion of a flight which will include both customer service and ramp service functions.

Ground handling operations encompass all the services necessary from the time an aircraft lands to the time it takes off again. FIFAAIR aims to prevent ground damage, injury, and operational incidents from occurring, , It also handles representation, administration, supervision, load control, flight operations, and communications, cargo, and mail services, support services, and security. In the area of representation, FIFAAIR can, for example, communicate with authorities in the name of an airline company.

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FIFAAIR can provide aircraft fueling services, working on a truly global scale, FIFAAIR flight operation team can provide you accurate and competitive fuel prices.  Its dedicated department implements the highest quality-control standards to ensure the supply of the highest performance aviation fuel as a leading aviation fuel provider, it is familiar with all aspects of the industry, including the tender process for fueling, which is one it often participates in. FIFAAIR is one of the few aviation fuel providers on the market to offer 24/7 flight support services with a dedicated team managing all aspects of its aircraft fueling service, with a real-time follow-up system and well-established procedures.

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Aircraft catering - fifaair


FIFAAIR Aircraft catering can provide global catering services in cooperation with another carting companies that provide inflight catering for all categories and can accommodate any dietary requirements. The quality of airline catering services greatly contributes to passengers’ perceptions and memories of a flight experience. For this reason, FIFAAIR considers catering to be an important building block of any aviation company’s reputation and provides world-class services.

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